About us

ETALIDE PLC is a Public Limited Company incorporated in England & Wales, Company N° 9210444. Its registered office is situated in London, UK and it has to date a paid up share capital of USD 200.000,00-.

Our main shareholer is GEMAD LTD, a Private Limited Company also incorporated in England & Wales, Company N°09176239. GEMAD LTD’s paid up share capital is USD 5.000.000,00-.

ETALIDE‘s core activity is the provision of marketing and advertising services on a global scale, focusing on online platform developments and implementations. We do not follow trends, we do create them by maintaining one of the fastest growing online database found online, which comprises to date approximately 16 million users.

Our flagship products are:


Online statistical management tool

HEXAGON allows to verify the human interaction within the online / web environment, avoiding the use of robots and scripts that interact automatically with the web page. Contrary to its competitors (currently 5) it ensures the site owner real and actual web viewing from a range of different users, enabling the webmaster to fetch a likely and constant revenue. HEXAGON is considered to be a truly revolutionary tool, scalable to modulable ad hoc, with infinite possibilities of composing and subsequent disposal of hexagons. Its versatility and ease of use enables its integration within any web format.


Online adverts management tool

AD PLATFORM is based on ETALIDEA’s database strength and unbiased service. It can be defined as an innovative, state-of-the-art online advertising platform conceived and developed around a new engine which allows publishers to gather a global and targeted viewer base. This concept automatically translates into immediate and real benefits, both in terms of exposure and financial gain through banners, inserts and any other type of multimedia format, including videos and editors stats.

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